Agricultural Resources Extraction from LIDAR Surveys (PARMap) is one of the five components of the Phil-LIDAR 2 program. PARMap aims to provide an updated and detailed inventory of the agricultural resources in the country. This deals with the development and application of methodologies for extraction or mapping of agricultural crops (high value crops) and assessment of their vulnerabilities to natural disasters. Team is composed of:

Project Leader: Dr. Ariel C. Blanco

Chief Science Research Specialist: For. Nerissa Gatdula

Supervising Science Research Specialist: Engr. Homer Pagkalinawan, M. Sc.

Senior Science Research Specialists:
Engr. Therese Anne Rollan
Engr. Eric Luis Tanada
Mr. Daniel Marc Dela Torre, M. Sc.

Research Associates:
Engr. Ronalyn Jose
Engr. Mark Sueden Lyle Magtalas
Engr. Geozza Tan
Engr. Sandra Pulmano
Ms. Jeanelle Amoloza

Project Support Staff:
Engr. Edgardo Macatulad, M. Sc.

Project Development Officers:
Ms. Teodora Caldazo
Mr. Christian Angelo Reyes