1. SuperSting R8 IP

SuperSting Resistivity Meter

This is used in Electrical Resistivity and Induced Polarization Tomography surveys. It is a state-of-the-art multi-channel portable memory earth resistivity meter with memory storage of readings and user defined measure cycles. It can simultaneously measure up to 8 channels using a high power transmitter.

2.  RAD7 and accessories (RAD H2O, RAD Aqua)

RAD7 Setup
RAD7 Setup

The RAD7 is used for radon measurements. It is a Sniffer that uses the 3-minute alpha decay of a radon daughter, without interference from other radiations, and the instantaneous alpha decay of a thoron daughter.

3. ODOM ES3 Multibeam Echosounder

MBES System Components
MBES System Components

This is used for coastal bathymetric surveys. It can provide high resolution seabed maps (2D and 3D) and its backscatter intensity data can be used for other research applications.

4. Horiba U-50 Multi-parameter water quality meter

The U-50 Series multi-parameter water quality meter is equipped to measure and log data for as many as 11 parameters simultaneously with one single probe.

5. JFE Advantech Infinity-CLW, 5 units

They are autonomously deployable data loggers for long-term chlorophyll and turbidity measurements.

6. OnsetComp HOBO U20 Water level logger, 26 units

Providing a narrow range of measurement for the best possible accuracy, this version is ideal for monitoring water levels and temperatures in wells, streams, lakes and wetlands.

7. OnsetComp HOBO U24 Conductivity Data Logger, 20 units

HOBO U24 Conductivity Loggers are high-accuracy water quality data loggers for measuring conductivity and temperature in streams, lakes, and other freshwater sources. They are ideal for monitoring aquifers for

saltwater intrusion and road and agricultural runoff.

8. OnsetComp HOBO Rain Gauge, 10 units

Rain Gauge

The Data Logging Rain Gauge is a battery-powered rainfall data collection and recording system which automatically records up to 3200 mm of rainfall data that can be used to determine rainfall rates, times and


9. Garmin Montana 650 handheld GPS with Camera (5.0 MP), 2 units

GPS with Camera
GPS with Camera

10. Hi-Target QMini handheld GPS with Camera (3.0 MP)

11. Horiba NO3 Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE)

This determines the nitrate ion concentration of aqueous solutions.

12. LaMotte Smart Spectro Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometer is an instrument which measures the amount of light of a specificed wavelength which passes through a medium.

13. Wealtec Block Heater

A temperature controlled incubator for accurate chemical reactions housing blocks specified for test tubes, micro-centrifuge tubes and PCR reaction tubes facilitating varied experiments.


1. Apple iMAC

2. Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Acer Aspire Desktop Computers (4GB RAM, 500 HDD), 2 units

3. Intel Core i3 Dell Desktop PC (2GB RAM, 320GB HDD)

4. Intel Core i3 Asus Desktop PC (4GB RAM, 500GB HDD)

5. Intel Core i3 HP Desktop PC (2GB RAM, 500GB HDD), 2 units

6. Intel Core i5 Lenovo Laptop (4GB RAM, 500GB HDD)

7. Intel Core i5 HP Compaq Elite 8300 Small Form Factor (8GB RAM, 500GB HDD)

8. Intel Core i7 Custom Desktop PC (4GB RAM, 1TB HDD)

9. Intel Core i7 ASUS Laptop (8GB RAM, 1TB HDD), 2 units

10. Intel Core i7 ASUS Custom PC (4GB RAM, 1TB HDD)

11. Intel Xeon Dell Precision Workstation (32GB RAM, 2TB HDD)

Other Equipment

1. Nikon Coolpix S8200 Camera

2. Canon Pixma MX927 5-in-1 WiFi Printer

3. Dymo Label Writer


1. CommunityViz Professional

Community Viz
Community Viz

CommunityViz, an extension for Esri’s ArcGIS platform, consists of two components: Scenario 360 for analysis and communication, and Scenario 3D for 3D visualization. CommunityViz tools allow you to envision alternatives and understand their potential impacts; explore options and share possibilities with others who have a stake in the outcomes and examine scenarios from different angles.

2. eCognition Developer

eCognition Developer is a development environment for object-based image analysis. It is used in earth sciences to develop rule sets for the automatic analysis of remote sensing data.

3. Hypack Hydrographic Survey Software


It provides tools to design bathymetric survey, collect data, apply corrections to soundings, remove outliers, plot field sheets, export data to CAD, compute volume quantities, generate contours, create side scan mosaics and create/modify electronic charts.

4. AGI EarthImager 2D

Data collected with the AGI SuperSting earth imaging resistivity instruments can be interpreted into easy to read 2D earth sections using this software. The processed data can be output to varius types of files and can be

processed into reports.

5. Watershed Modeling System (WMS)


WMS is a comprehensive graphical modelling environment for all phases of watershed hydrology and hydraulics. It includes tools to automate modelling processes such as automated basin delineation, geometric

parameter calculations; GIS overlay computations and cross-section extraction from terrain data.


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