2013 Graduates



Ayin M. Tamondong, MS RS
Thesis Title: Mapping of Seagrass and Other Benthic Habitats in Bolinao, Pangasinan Using Worldview-2 Multispectral Satellite Image







Phoeurn Chanarun, MS EnE
Thesis Title: Assessment of Factors Controlling Nitrate Levels in Groundwater of Bolinao Using Geographic Information System (GIS)





Anjillyn Mae Cruz – Perez, MS RS
Thesis Title: Integrated Use of GRACE-derived Terrestrial Water Storage Changes and MODIS Vegetation Indices for RS-based Drought Monitoring






Sheryl Rose C. ReyesMS RS
Thesis Title: Assessment of Philippine Coastal Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise Using Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS): A Case of Boilnao, Pangasinan





Alita D. SangalangMS RS
Thesis Title: Assessment of MODIS NDVI Data as Alternative Source of Information for Forest Cover Monitoring






Ratino SithMS EnE
Thesis Title: Modelling of Sediment Discharge from Alaminos and Bani Watersheds, The Philippines